How to cancel a subscription (old accounts)

If you have an old account and wish to cancel your subscription's auto-renewal, please log in to your account (Bizplan | Login ) and follow these steps:

1Go to the Subscription section of your account and click the Cancel Subscription button.

2. You will then be redirected to the feedback page asking the reason why you are cancelling your Bizplan subscription. A drop-down is available for you to choose the reason from. 

You will be asked to share your feedback about Bizplan. Once done, proceed by clicking the Cancel My Account button.

5. You will see the confirmation page of the account being cancelled.

6. Clicking the My Account button will bring you back to your account so that you can continue using it. The Subscription section will show you the date of when the subscription will expire.

Hovering your mouse over the expiration date will give you the option to cancel the pending cancellation. Clicking it will fully reactivate your subscription and you will continually be billed for it.

We appreciate all feedback so we can improve our services.