Editing your CNAME Record for Account Migration


Step 1 of the migration process is editing your CNAME Record.

          You must complete the entire migration process before your new LaunchRock page will not be live.
Here's how to edit your CNAME Record:

1. Sign in to your account at your domain host's website and go to the site's DNS management page (which might also be called something like Name Server Management).
2. You might have to enable advanced settings for your account to access this page. For help, contact your domain host directly.
3. Locate the CNAME Record for the LaunchRock account you want to migrate. For example, if the URL for your page is signup.yoursite.com your CNAME is signup.
4. Change the field title Value/Destination: from sites.launchrock.com to host.launchrock.com

5. Save the new settings.

Please Note: Changes to your DNS settings can take up to 72 hours to propagate throughout the Internet.  This is not a result of a LaunchRock error.

If you still have trouble configuring your CNAME records, you will need to contact your domain for further assistance, using this sample message