Legacy: Design & Customize Your Landing Page Using The Widget

Using The LaunchRock Widget you can create brilliant, original landing page design with the power of LaunchRock built-in. 

The LaunchRock Widget offers greater design flexibility and possibility for customization than a LaunchRock Hosted Page. If you have the web design know-how to do it yourself, or the resources to hire someone to do it for you, then embedding the LaunchRock Widget into a custom build website is a great option.

See examples of great landing page design that use the widget on our LaunchRock Widget Pinterest Board.

It is possible to customize the look of the widget by altering the code. 

We have a growing list of how-to guest blog posts written by our customers that explain how they integrated and/or customized the look of the widget to match their landing page design needs.  Many of these blog posts include step by step instructions and example code. 

Read them here launchrock.com/blog/tag/widget