How are a Landing Page & Embedded Widget different?

There are two options to collect signups and build your audience: Landing Page or Embedded Widget.

The signup form is completely customizable in both the Landing page and Embedded Widget. But there are some important differences. 

A LaunchRock Landing Page:

  • is hosted by LaunchRock.
  • doesn't require any coding knowledge.
  • must have a custom background image.
  • requires you to purchase a domain name in order to launch.
  • requires you to create a CNAME record where your page will be hosted.
  • gives you the option to redirect your A Record to  your LauchRock page.

A LaunchRock Embedded Widget:

  • must be embedded in a self-hosted web page.
  • requires you to design and code a website outside the LaunchRock Site Builder.
  • allows for greater design flexibility.