Legacy Retirement and Migration

On Monday, April 30th, 2012 we retired our Legacy platform, requiring all Legacy users to migrate to our current platform.  

All legacy accounts and data were safely migrated to the new platform and are ready to be re-launched. There are a few simple steps that Legacy users need to complete to re launch their sites and use the new platform:

STEP 1. Log into your migrated account

Go to http://app.launchrock.com/login and log in using the same email and password as alway

STEP 2. Update a Few Fields

You will want to double check your migrated content to make sure it all looks as good as you do. There are also a few new required fields:

  • Your mailing address for CANSPAM compliance on emails
  • A photo for your facebook message (100×150 pixels)
  • The content for the ‘share via email’ feature
  • The content for your confirmation email

STEP 3. Select Hosted Landing Page or Widget.  

Go to http://app.launchrock.com/home#domain-settings and select Hosted Landing Page or Widget.  
  • If you are using the Hosted Landing Page, you need to update your domain’s DNS to point to the new platform servers:
  • If you are using the Widget you will need to adjust your Widget settings,
    • click “Update Preview & Generate Code”
    • add the new widget code to your site

STEP 4. Launch!

Go to 'Step 6 - Launch!' In the sight builder and click Launch! in the upper right hand corner to continue rocking your launch.

You should be all set up on the new platform now. If you have any questions, feedback, or ideas, as you work in the new platform, you can reach us through the ‘Ideas & Support’ tab in the lower lefthand corner of the site.


-The LaunchRock Posse