Legacy Site: How do I upload a Facebook image?

Before uploading your Facebook image, we recommend you resize it to the optimal dimensions: a maximum of 100 pixels wide and 150 high. 

To upload a Facebook image:

  1. Click on Step 2- “Sharing Page” of the LaunchRock site builder.
  2. In the center box, click on the ‘facebook’ icon.
  3. Click the browse button in the dialogue box.
  4. Choose the image you would like to use from your files.
  5. Click ‘save’ in the dialogue box
  6. Click update site in step 6 of the site builder

Please note: The current site-builder does not provide a confirmation that the image has been successfully uploaded, but if you follow the steps above, it will be saved.

If Facebook shares made from your updated live site are still showing the wrong image, you should clear the Facebook cache suing the Facebook debugger.  Directions on how to do that can be found here

Don't want to use the Facebook Sharing tools? Learn how to turn off the facebook share button.