How do I review my call?

Have a breakthrough on a call? Overcome a major challenge? Get some great perspective? Tell the world!

Call reviews are one of the most important parts of the Clarity network.  They give you a chance to thank experts for their help, and tell other people how their advice has helped you to overcome a problem, or gain Clarity in your startup endeavors. Reading reviews is consistently rated as the #1 consideration for choosing an expert to speak with!

After you complete a call, logging in to Clarity will prompt you to leave a review for the expert. If by any chance you miss this dialog, simply go to Me > Calls > History > (Select Relevant Call) > Rate and Review. 

Reviews for Experts will be publicly available on their profile. Your member profile will be attached to the review. Please note that reviews for Experts should reflect the quality of the content you received during the call; if you had any trouble with the connection please reach out to to address the issue. 

Reviews left for Members by Experts will only be seen by the Clarity staff. Reviews for members are our way of making sure no one is taking advantage of our platform.