What happens if I miss a call?

Our old policy was public shaming,180 days of community service, and a good talking to.  We've softened up a bit, but we still take it very seriously.

Missing calls creates a very bad experience for our users and may result in your expert or member account being restricted if there are repeat offenses.

If you have a call outstanding that you can't make, or need to cancel, please do so WELL before the scheduled time.

We would ask that you follow up with the other party to apologize and try to re-schedule if there's still a need.

For Experts:

Members miss calls less than 5% of the time, however it does happen from time to time. If a member misses a scheduled call we are unfortunately not able to compensate Experts at this time. We know this is a huge pain point and we have plans to introduce a fee structure in the future. 

For Seekers:

If an expert misses the scheduled call, you will be automatically refunded in full. You may also look for other experts in the same niche that matches the time or schedule you want to be connected with for their advice.