How do I take a call request?

You can start taking calls from members as soon as your Clarity expert application is approved and your profile is complete. When a member submits a call request with you, it's easy to schedule, reschedule, cancel or connect with the member. Here's how it's done:

You can accept a scheduled time.

It's great when a requested call from a member also works for you. Here's how you accept a requested time.  

Go to your Calls > Click the call > Click "accept" beside any of the 3 suggested times

You can reschedule the call.

Sometimes, the member's request dates/times won't work for you. Not to worry, you can request different times with them and go back and forth until you reach one that works for both of you:  

Go to your Calls > Click the call > Click "Reschedule" > Suggest 3 alternative times that work for you > Click "Submit" and "Send"

You can cancel the call.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you won't be able to take the call at all. Not the most ideal situation, but you can cancel the call outright (just keep in mind that the more calls you cancel, the more you'll drop in the Clarity search rankings and may even put your account at risk of being deleted.  

Go to your Calls > Click on the call > Scroll down to "Can't Take the Call" > Select a reason and confirm

You can ask for more details about the call request.

It's not expected of you, but if you're not sure about the call (maybe you're unsure about the reason they're requesting to speak with you or whether or not you'll be able to help them) - you can send them a message to clarify the request or even just engage them before the call. This will make your call more productive, which will increase your chances of a higher rating, getting a higher Clarity search placement, and more calls. All good things! Here's how: ​

Go to your Calls > Click on the call > Click "Send a Message" > Type your message in the inbox > Hit "Send"

Here's an example of a message you can send to engage a member who's requested a call with you:

"I'm looking forward to our call. I've found that putting together a few bullet points and messaging me back with them before the call really helps both of us make our short time together more productive. That way I can scan for additional context on your situation, see some challenges you're facing as well as your specific questions. Talk soon!"

We hope this helps clarify how easy it is to appropriately handle a call request. Here's how to get more of them!