How much should I charge for my advice?

Great question! We're always trying to think of great ways to help you promote your expertise, but sometimes one of the most stressful things to do is to decide on a price for providing your advice.

To get an idea of what other experts with similar knowledge are charging, you can search for comparable experts, or you can charge what you typically would for your billable time. We charge members by the minute, based upon your hourly charge.

​If you're a new expert, we suggest you charge a little lower than your average rate to attract other members to make your first call requests. You can then raise your rate to bring the call volume down if need be. 

Quick tip on setting a fair hourly rate:

If you are unsure about your hourly rate, we suggest taking your annual salary, divide that by 2,000 (that's the amount of hours in a working year) to get your hourly rate, and charge double that. Here's how the math would work: $100,000 / 2000 = $50/hour x 2 = $100 / hour. Please note that any changes made to your rate details will only apply to calls requested after the change.