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How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy. And it's completely free.

Here's how it's done:

There are two different types of Clarity accounts you can sign up for - Member and Expert.  Think of it loosely as people who are looking for advice (members) and people who are delivering advice (experts).

It is important to note - that as a member you'll be limited to looking for advice, while as an expert, you can both look for advice and deliver advice. Pretty straightforward right?

You can go to www.clarity.fm > Sign Up. 

Complete the necessary information on the form then click continue.

1. How to Sign Up as a Clarity Member

If you're looking for business advice, becoming a member is exactly what you need! To be able to call an expert on Clarity, you'll need to sign up as a member. It's completely free, and you can use Facebook, LinkedIn or your email to sign up here.  If you are ready now - hop over to www.clarity.fm/sessions/signup.

As soon as you're done completing your profile, you can start searching our global community of thousands of experts and make your first call request. Excited yet? You're about to have access to the most amazing set of problem solving mentors and advisors ever available to startups.  

2. How to Sign Up as a Clarity Expert

By becoming a Clarity Expert, you'll be able to get paid for your advice while also building your reputation and credibility as an expert in your field.

Not everyone can become an expert - we take this seriously, because members seeking advice deserve the very best advice out there. In order to prove your stripes you'll have to go through the application process here: https://clarity.fm/settings/profile.

To apply, select the blue button: "Apply to be An Expert".

NOTE: Experts must have a LinkedIn account - we do this so there is a publicly available reference to your expertise - not because we're shareholders in LinkedIn (we decided at the time to invest in a PS2 - oh well). 

After going through the 5 simple steps of the application you'll submit it for review.  We'll need around 24 hours to check you out. You'll receive notification within 24 hours letting you know if we've approved your expert application. 

As soon as you complete your profile and get accepted as an expert, you'll be able to receive calls from members and start helping to solve real world startup problems. (Find out how to get more calls here).

If for some reason we don't approve your application - don't fret -  you'll receive an email indicating what changes need to be made in order to re-apply.

After you make the changes and update your application, you can re-apply here: https://clarity.fm/settings/profile.

Once again, give us 24 hours to send out our team of spies to determine if we can accept your application.  

Happy advising!