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How does Clarity work?

Clarity works by connecting entrepreneurs who can answer each other's most pressing questions in an instant.

Because we know you'd rather spend time solving your problems than looking for the solution we've made it really quick and easy to get the answers you need to the most pressing challenges you face - by people who've been there and done it.

In four easy steps you'll be well on your way to clearing the next hurdle in your startup journey:

1. Sign Up
2. Search for experts and request a call
3. Confirm a time
4. Connect and talk

Below we'll cover each step in some detail - but it really is that simple!

1. Sign up.

Signing up is easy. And it's completely free. Whether you're looking for advice as a member, to offer advice as an expert, or both - you'll need to create an account. One of your first steps will be to figure out if you want to apply to be an expert and get paid for your advice or sign up as a member to get advice from experts.  We suggest that you start as a member and get a feel for the community before becoming an expert - but you can do that right from the get go if you're ready, able and willing! 

2. Search for experts and schedule a call.

You can easily find experts to help with your business challenges by using our search - where you'll be able read profiles detailing their expertise and read reviews from other people who've called them. 

To schedule a call with an expert, you'll provides a reason and approximate length of the call as well as 3 times and dates that work best for you. When scheduling the call, you will be asked for a credit cardYour card will be authorized at that time based on the rate and duration scheduled - but the final amount charged will be based on the actual call length.

The Expert you sent your request to will have 72 hours to respond (typically they respond WAY sooner), or the call will expire (at no cost to you). The Experts can either confirm one of the requested times or send back new times that work better for them. You can then accept - or propose more alternative times - and so on until a time that works for both you and the expert is found.  This typically happens with very little back and forth - with 75% of calls confirmed with the originally suggested time. Either party can also cancel the call if need be.

3. Confirm.

Once the expert accepts your requested date and time, a confirmation is sent to both parties via email and SMS (or a push notification if they are using the Clarity App) with a conference line phone number and an access code. You can share that conference line and access code with up to 8 others to join in for a team call.

4. Connect and talk.

At the confirmed date and time, you and the expert will call the conference line entering your access codes to connect over the phone (so the call isn't with your personal phone number). 

When the call is over, you will be billed. You can then leave a rating and review for the expert. The payment will then be sent to the expert

Boom! It's that easy to get Clarity on your most pressing startup problems - from the people who have already solved them for themselves, and countless others. 

How to make a call request (as a member)

How to take a call request (as an expert)