Can others join my call?

You better believe it! The only thing we love more than an expert dropping knowledge on an entrepreneur in need - is an expert dropping knowledge on a conference line full of them!

Inviting team members to a call is super simple - and multiplies the value of the call. When you schedule a call, you'll get a confirmation email that contains a conference line phone number and an access code. You'll use these to call in to connect with the expert on the confirmed date and time. Simply share that information with up to 8 other people and you can all use it to call in at the same time. It works just like a conference line. Boom. Easy.

PRO TIP: Designate someone else to take notes so you can just focus asking great questions, giving great answers, and absorbing that great content.

My team is distributed internationally. Can I still take advantage of this feature?

Unless they are in a carrier pigeon only location, Team Calls are open to anyone, no matter where in the world they live.

Just a few things to consider: The conference line phone number you'll receive when you schedule and confirm a call with an expert will be a US 800-number, so international fees will apply. You can use VOIP (Skype), but it may cause a delay, so be sure to have someone with the best connection asking the questions.

Best Practices for Team Calls:

  • Ensure that those who aren't speaking mute their phones to avoid any background noise/chatter. Nothing worse than fire engines from the gal in your NYC office blending with high winds from the guy in your Chicago office when they're just "quietly" listening.
  • Prep with your team before the call. It's best to compile questions and have just one person do the talking while the others listen and take notes.