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How do I use videos or cover photos on my profile?

You know the old adage, "a picture's worth a thousand words", right? Well it has never been more true than when communicating with an audience online. Using visual shortcuts in the form of a photo or video has a major impact on your ability to connect with your supporters, backers, and investors and in driving them to take action.


Videos are not required for you to launch a fundraise, however, we recommend adding a video to your profile over a cover photo. Videos are more engaging, and campaigns with videos are successfully funded more often than ones without videos. (However, we have also seen successful fundraises that did not include a video).

We offer video embedding services of our own, but if your video is too large to embed on Fundable's website we recommend using Vimeo to host your videos, and YouTube as a second option (due to video quality differences). You can get video embed links through these services and post these links to your Fundable profile.

Get the embed code of your Youtube video by clicking the share option below the video and choose embed

Copy the entire embed link and paste it in the box provided in the builder. Hit OK button and the video will automatically save in your profile.

Cover Photos

If you decide not to provide a video for the profile, we also accept a profile cover photo for the campaign.  You may provide a cover photo that is a maximum of 560px by 310px.  We recommend providing a photo that is exactly this size, so as to have the highest resolution photograph available on your campaign page.  If you do not know how to resize photos, you can use PicResize to resize your photo. This should only be done to make large cover photos smaller, as making small photos larger decreases image quality.