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What goes in my Business Plan Profile?

Your Business Plan Profile is a private, protected portion of your profile that you can control access to. This will typically be an Executive Summary, your detailed fundraise terms, and any attached documents relating to your fundraise. This section is set to private by default and only investors you granted access will be able to view it.

The Executive Summary. Your Executive Summary is a high-level overview of what your business does, how your product works, and your strategic plan to develop the business. The summary needs to be enough to engage a potential investor but is not intended to be comprehensive. That's the function of your Business Plan.

Financials. Investors will want to see your use of funds and financial projections at a minimum. Providing this information as a downloadable file on your profile is highly recommended before launch. Fundable does not require this section, however, any serious investor is going to request this information before making a commitment to your company so its critical information to have on hand.

The Ask. Once you've pitched your product idea, the next step is to explain how much capital you are raising and explain what you will use the funds to accomplish. The amount you are raising only makes sense if you can provide a clear use of funds that convinces Backers that their support will translate to reaching an important milestone.

Additional Documents. Upon fundraise close, you will need to have specific documents prepped. For example, you’ll need to complete a Subscription Agreement which provides detailed terms of the investment to all committed investors. It is helpful to have these documents prepared in a draft format prior to fundraise close. They can also be drafted once funds have been verbally committed.