How can I add commitments to my Fundable Profile?

Funding commitments can be added to the profile in two ways:

1. You can update the "funding committed offline" field within the "Terms" portion of the "Campaign" tab within Fundable. You can update this as your secure commitments to show money committed towards your overarching goal.

Once added, it will reflect in the Commitments tab.

2. Once an investor has access to your Business Plan Profile, they will have the ability to make a "commitment" which should be treated as a SOFT COMMITMENT. You would see this in the "Commitments" portion of the "Campaigns" tab where you can approve or deny this commitment. When approved, it will be reflected towards the goal amount. An investor indicating a “soft-commitment” simply tells you that an investor may be interested. Consider following up with them to confirm and secure the commitment. Leave the commitment status as "pending" if you are uncertain.

It is important to note that the transaction does not go through Fundable, so any commitment will take place offline whether that is a Fundable investor or an individual through your own outreach.