How do I handle investor requests?

If you’re conducting an Equity Campaign, you may see investor requests begin to appear once you start publicizing your profile. 

This is the key facet that you’re looking for with Fundable. An investor request is essentially a “lead.” You’ll want to run with that “lead” to see if they are in fact interested. Each time an investor requests to view your Business Plan Profile, you will be notified in two places:

  1. Directly in Fundable within the “Campaigns” tab at the top of your profile.
  2. Via email to the email account associated with your Fundable login. 

If you are not receiving the email notifications: check your spam folder just in case. Notifications will come from This email will include the investor’s name, email address, and an optional message from them. 

Two things need to happen when you receive an investor request email: 

1. Approve the investor's access to the Business Plan portion of your profile by clicking on the "Investors" tab within the "Campaign" tab. 

2. You’ll want to send them a personal email thanking them for their interest and to set up a call to talk in more detail about the opportunity.