What does Fundable do to make sure I get funded?

Fundable is a marketing platform that can be used to get your company out in front of the right people. Creating a company profile will get your company in front on Fundable's investor base and, hopefully, generate some interest from those investors. We can't guarantee a particular result, but we can help by giving you guidance throughout the process in the hopes of increasing your odds of success.

Relying solely on organic traffic from our investor base is not recommended. Think of Fundable as the central hub for your fundraising. You can include all the information about your company and its offering an investor would want within your Fundable Profile. Once you have created your Fundable Profile, begin researching and reaching out to investors and directing them to your profile. The more proactive you can be in your fundraising, the better.

Please note that Fundraising takes months, and we have noticed from the history of other users that they found success after marketing their fundraise. This information and other best practices are made available for free on our site for anyone’s use.