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How are the funds I raised processed?

Success! The rewards have been claimed, the funds committed! So now, how the heck does your money get from their hands to yours?

Fundable does not charge a completion fee for equity nor rewards fundraises, and there is no charge outside of the initial pricing structure you sign up for. However, depending on your fundraise type, partners or providers may charge fees for processing the money.  

For Equity Raises

  • Fundable is not a broker dealer, so legally we cannot charge fees after funding for equity. All funds transfers, final deal terms and legal documentation are worked out between the investor and company directly after the end of the fundraise off-site.  
  • Any fees charged are up to the discretion of both you and the individual investor, and you can investigate methods of transferring the money between yourselves.

For Rewards Raises

  • For Rewards-based raises, funding is committed through Backer credit cards. The merchant processing is handled at a charge of 3.5% + 30¢ per transaction. 
  • These charges will be deducted by WePay, our merchant processing partner. All rewards-based raises are required to process their funds and backer fees through WePay. This fee is a standard credit card processing fee deducted directly by WePay, not Fundable.