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How do I determine my fundraising goal?

Reasonable Expectations

  • Fundraising takes a lot of effort — more so than simply posting a profile and waiting for the money to roll in. It involves independent marketing effort, hustle, and going out to ask people for contributions.  Your fundraising goal should take into account how big your network is, how much time you can put into marketing your deal, and how much people will be willing to contribute to each reward/equity campaign.  
  • Smaller, achievable goals, with plenty of time to execute, are always your best bet.

Raise Amount for Equity Campaigns

  • Choosing the right raise amount is a balance of two factors  setting a number that is high enough to achieve your stated goals but reasonable or realistic enough to give you confidence in reaching your target.
  • Equity/Convertible Debt fundraises ultimately come down to what the desired goal amount is that a company needs in to move forward with their business for continued growth. Transactions do not go through Fundable nor are they facilitated by Fundable. For this reason, Equity Campaigns are not "all or nothing" fundraises on Fundable. Ultimately, a company's agreements with the investor and SEC fillings are what determines how much can be raised and how much can be oversubscribed.
  • Fundable will not prevent or limit oversubscription or undersubscription of an equity/convertible debt fundraise. 

Raise Amount for Rewards Campaigns

  • Fundable Rewards fundraises follow the "all or nothing" structure, meaning you must meet or surpass your stated goal in order to collect any of your funds. 
  • Most campaigns that fall short of their goal fail because they ask for too much with their upfront goal. Instead of trying to raise one round of capital to cover every conceivable cost, it's better to focus on just enough capital to reach your next major milestone.
  • Remember: You can always raise more than your fundraising goal - but if you raise even a dollar less than your goal you will be unable to collect any funding.