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How does Fundable work?

Fundable is a powerful platform that enables you to quickly convey your company's story and value proposition to potential investors. 

Here is an overview of the steps to raising money using Fundable:

  1. Create a Profile

    You'll first need to create a Company Profile that provides an apt, concise overview of your company, product or service, and funding goals. You can take the DIY approach, however, we also offer a concierge package, providing support from our team of professional consultants, copywriters, and designers dedicated to helping you align your strategy and communicate your investment opportunity through value-driven messaging and visually-compelling presentation assets that you can publish on the Fundable network and also take with you to use outside of our platform.

    Newly-created DIY profiles are reviewed by the Fundable team to make sure that they are a good fit for the platform. Not to worry - if it isn't a good fit, we'll let you know why - and frequently you can make some corrections and pass inspection.

  2. Set Fundraise Terms

    Most companies seek capital in exchange for Equity or Debt.

    Equity is a share of stock in your company offered to an investor in exchange for capital. Debt raises are also available that can be offered as a SAFE agreement, Debt or Convertible Debt option. Whether you're choosing Debt or Equity, you'll want to think through the terms of your offering.

  3. Market your Fundraise

    Fundable is a powerful platform for marketing your fundraise. Using our step-by-step Profile Creation Wizard, you can quickly showcase your company and begin sharing your fundraise with friends, family, colleagues, customers, and the media. By exposing the fundraise to your network, you increase your visibility and identify new channels of support. Ancillary benefits include new customers, a more engaged social following, and advocates in the media. Within the media, building relationships with journalists to get your company the right media attention can go a long way to helping potential investors find you. The more people that know about your company, the better the chances that some of them will be potential investors (since, you know, investors are people too).

    Proactive outreach to Investors

    Be sure to contact your legal counsel to ensure you are not in violation of SEC Regulations or General Solicitation before you begin marketing your fundraise.

  4. Secure Commitments

    Investors can easily view your fundraise and commit funds to your company directly through your profile. For Equity or Debt raises, the minimum commitment is $1,000. These financial commitments are processed offline between the involved parties after the close of the raise and are not processed by Fundable.

This is just a quick overview of the process. There are additional resources in our knowledge base dedicated to helping you understand each step in further detail. You can check some of these using the links below: