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How long will it take me to complete my fundraising campaign?

Setting the appropriate timeframe is about giving yourself enough time to build up your campaign - but not so much that the momentum is spread too thin. There are very few campaigns that can be successfully completed in 30 days. The average campaign lasts 60 - 90 days.

Startups tend to be eager to collect funds, leading to short fundraise terms. However, it is important to give yourself enough time to build momentum around your campaign, a process which inherently takes a few months.

Equity campaigns can take months (even years) before a company successfully raises its goal amount. On our platform, you are allowed to extend your fundraise for as long as you would like, so long as you continue to pay your monthly hosting free.

Rewards campaigns typically last 30, 60 or 90 days. Because Rewards campaigns are "all or nothing", we require that companies set a definitive end date for their campaign. If a company is unsuccessful with their Rewards campaign in their original timeframe, they can always try their campaign again. The backers in the original campaign will be released from their commitment and will have to back the company again in order for their support to transfer to the new campaign.