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What is your approval process for Fundable Profiles?

I submitted my profile, how long will it take to get approved?

We typically take 2-3 days to approve any submitted profiles. Our team will review your profile to ensure that all sections are complete and that it complies with the Fundable Guidelines and Terms of Service.  

Does Fundable review the quality of my profile's content?

We are not reviewing with an eye for writing or marketing skill. As long as your campaign content abides by our terms and conditions and you have completed all sections, we will accept it. We highly recommend that you look over some of our literature on what it takes to write an awesome profile. You can also take a look at Featured Companies to get a sense for what makes a good campaign. However, just because your profile was approved does not necessarily guarantee that it is the best profile it could be.

Need more help?

Need a little help creating your company's Fundable profile? Email support@fundable.com and ask about our fundraise consulting package for more details and to set up a consultation with our team.