How do Investors find fundraises on Fundable? INCOMPLETE

Investors can find your fundraise in two ways:

  1. They go browsing through listings on their own and come across your listing.  They would do this by going to the browsing section of Fundable's website, and look through the listings themselves.  It is less common for investors to find fundraises this way, since usually the campaigners approach them, not the other way around.  This is a passive method, meaning you just wait for it to take effect marketing your fundraise.  It is extremely unlikely that this will be adequate for you to find investors, and so we recommend pursuing the second method while you wait on the first method to work.
  2. You reach out to them about your campaign.  This involves advertising your campaign, either through marketing your fundraise through your general network (to investors you already know) or through General Solicitation.  General Solicitation is a classification of reaching out to investors not already in your personal network, and this classification is legally regulated.  Please read more at "What is General Solicitation? (equity raises only)" under Marketing Your Fundraise.

Fundable encourages the use of PR and Media during a Fundraise.