Where can I view a company's business plans or financials?

When viewing a company on Fundable, the first view that comes up is the Public Profile view.  This view is open to anyone, and will contain their pitch and product information, but little substantial or sensitive information about the business, such as a business plan and financial information.

However, for equity-based raises, they will have an additional tab labeled "Business Plan."  You'll need to request access - and when granted it will unlock a tab with significant details about the opportunity.  Additionally, the companies may have links to a full formal business plan, pitch deck, or financials that you can download and view. 

Also, when requesting to access the business plan page, you will need to signup as an investor user on the site and wait 24-48 hours for the approval process before your request gets through to the owner's end so they can see it to approve or deny from their end.