I didn't authorize this charge.

Once you decide to subscribe to one of our packages which is the messaging platform, you are going to be charge monthly, on a recurring basis until you advise us otherwise. 

Please be advised that cancellation requests needs to be sent via email to support@fundable.com or you can call us thru our support line +1-800-799-6998 BEFORE the end of your current billing cycle. All email requests should come from the email address registered on your account for verifcation and user protection.

If we have made a mistake somewhere or you have a suspicion that your card details were compromised, please don't hesitate to reach out to us so we can take the needed actions as soon as possible.

If you suspect that your card details might have been compromised:

We advise that you send us a screenshot of your billing statement as we don't see any records in our system linked to your name and email address.

There's a chance/possibility that you might be a victim of fraud, we recommend that you contact your bank and  even the authorities. 

If proven, you would then have to dispute the charge,  we will concede if we find that the bank's request for reversal shows that  the account registered and paid for is not a match with the card owner.