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Dyn: CNAME Record Instructions


Creating a CNAME Record is required for your hosted Landing Page.

  1. Sign in to your Dyn account 
  2. In the Hostname field, enter the subdomain you chose for your LaunchRock page. 
  • For example. if you chose signup.yoursite.com. enter signup in the field.
  • In the Alias to field, enter host.launchrock.com
  • Save your changes
  • Congratulations! Your CNAME record is now configured to point to LaunchRock.

    If you have trouble configuring your CNAME records, you can check out the Dyn tutorial page. Or, view a sample message to use when you contact Dyn for assistance at their support page.

    To redirect your base domain edit your Dyn A Record.

    Once you've modified your A records, it may take up to 72 hours for changes to update live.