Embed a video

To embed a video, you can simply paste the embed code or embed links directly on to the block or column.

Select which block or column to place the video. You can also add a new block if you want.

Once added, copy the embed link of the video and paste it directly to the block. Please refer to the screenshots below:


The video will be embedded automatically


If you want the video to become bigger, you can adjust the size on the embed link. Paste the embed link on a notepad, and adjust the height and width. Once done, copy and paste it directly to the block.


If this does not work for you, you can do custom coding. In order to use custom CSS or HTML, you must be subscribed to the Launchrock Professional Program at $29 per month.

To use custom CSS or HTML, add a custom block where you can enter your codes.

Trust this helps.