Positioning a Block

There is no way to position your blocks independently across the builder. The only option we have is to stack them to see which block will appear first to the other.

Keep in mind that when you add a new block, the new block will be added at the bottom of the stack by default.

Here is an example. If you will see on the first screenshot, the SOCIAL MEDIA block is positioned at the bottom but you wanted it above the LOGO block. 

What you can do is select the SOCIAL MEDIA block by pointing your cursor on the left section of the block (vertical lines are). The drag handle will appear.

With the left mouse button being pressed down, move the mouse while it's holding the block. Drop the SOCIAL MEDIA block above the LOGO block by releasing the mouse button to set it down.

Then you're all set. You can do this with any of the blocks in the builder.

Trust this helps.