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2 - Basics: Choose your Template


Do you want options? We’ve got options. You can choose to start from scratch with a blank canvas and use our block-based builder to construct the Launchrock site of your dreams - or you can jump-start the process by choosing one of our (lucky) 7 templates.

We’ve got three universal templates with varying design styles:

Launchrock Classic

Launchrock Clean

Launchrock Neostylus 

We also created four with specific startup needs in mind:

Business Launch

Service Launch

Product Launch

Mobile App

Once you’ve previewed the templates to determine which one will work best for your needs, simply click on the template of your choosing and click SELECT TEMPLATE. 

Within a few seconds, we’ll prepare the site and drop you right into the builder. You’ll be ready to start editing immediately!

Depending on which theme you’ve selected, different “blocks” will already have been added to your page. 

In our next article, we’ll talk about using the builder to customize your Launchrock site and get it ready for primetime. Rock on!