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7 - Advanced: Using the Signup Block

A signup block is useful to acquire viewers information. Implementing a sign up block on your landing page allows you to collect a name, phone number and email address from your audience.

This block can be added by going into the builder. From here you'll want to press "+add block" and scroll down to choose your signup form. We offer two different types of signup blocks. To learn more about blocks see our blocks post.

The signup form will behave similarly to a block and will remain on the page where you place it.

floating signup block will essentially "float" on top of all other elements on your page. This allows for visibility of your signup block while scrolling. 

NOTE: Floating signup blocks combined with custom code or modified templates can create unpredictable results.

To edit your signup block click on the gear icon. From here you may edit the style and setting.

To learn more about styling visit our styling blocks page.

The setting tab allows you to edit the information you receive from users such as name, email and phone number. These are the only input options we offer at the moment.

The settings also allow you to enable social sharing and confirmation messages.

Once your user inputs their information and clicks the submit button they will receive a confirmation message on the screen. You can edit the confirmation message by clicking on "confirmation" under the "edit confirmation message" section.

When you enable social sharing your users will have the option to share your landing page with their friends through social media.

Please note, users will only have the option of sharing your page after they have signed up.

You will find all signup information under the Audience tab of the builder.