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Is Fundable only for US-based companies?

Currently, we are not able to offer our platform to companies that don't have a US presence. Your company may be headquartered elsewhere as long as you are registered in the U.S. -- meaning you or a partner must have a US bank account, address, and social security number or business tax ID number. 

If you don't but are interested in setting up a US entity, we have partners that can assist you with the creation of a US C-corp, which will give you a local entity and the ability to raise funds on Fundable. Email info@fundable.com and ask about our Global Plans.  

Though we hope for future changes, these are the current guidelines. However, by joining Fundable's mailing list you will be alerted when Fundable extends its reach outside of the United States. Just email info@fundable.com and notify us of your interest in news related to international expansion.